Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A wonderful wintery day!

We continued with our program of the Being Healthy Keeper today.  We opened with a group activity with hula hoops and jumping.  Jumping takes an incredible amount of energy!  A good thing to wear off when you're dealing with five and six year old girls.

The trick with Heartbeats is to have the girls understand how exercise effects their heartrate.  So we started by putting our hands over our hearts and counting beats for 10 seconds.  We talked a little about all the things we can do to get that heartrate up!  Running, jumping, swimming, dancing and snowmobiling took the top spots by the girls.

We put on some Kidzbop (Funkytown) and divided the girls into two teams.  I spread out four hula hoops on the floor in front of each team and we jumped through them five or six ways.  Then we spent four minutes just running around in follow the leader.

The we stood in a circle again and measured our heartrate.  The girls noticed (surprise!) that it was faster than it was before.  We explained that the heart is a muscle - just like those in our arms and legs and it's important to exercise it every day for at least 20 minutes.

Having worn them out we divided our Sparks into two groups.

My co-leader took one group and made banana bread, then decorated some shortbread cookies with icing and sprinkles.

My group made some vaseline and Kool-Aid lip gloss and then decorated some gift bags for their banana bread (they'll go home next week).

Then we switched out.

We finished a minute before the end of our hour.

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