Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Well... we planned on going snowshoeing last night, but between the wind chill and the fact that it was snowing buckets, we cancelled and spent the time warm and cozy in our church basement!

We started with my coleader teaching the girls how to line dance to Achy Breaky Heart, as the last part of our Alberta Arts Challenge Crest.  The girls really got into it.  I'm glad that my coleader is a far better line dancer than I am!

Since they were still wound up like tops, we had them play tag for five minutes to get their wiggles out.

Instead of snowshoeing, I created a quick craft to have the girls weave their own snowshoes.

I took two pieces of construction paper, cut them into the shape of a snowshoe, then cut them into strips, leaving a few inches at the top of each paper.  Keeping that top makes it much easier for the girls to weave it together.  Then we had them paste them onto another piece of paper (so that they didn't come apart).  Then we had them slip around on the floor, keeping their snowshoes from touching each other.

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