Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Spark-ling First Aid Kit

We are now many years from the time when I was a Brownie (and Guide, and Pathfinder), and when I was a Brownie, we made small first aid kits out of a film canister.  No one, now, uses film canisters.  So what to do when you want to make a small first aid kit with Sparks, so they can clean an dress small wounds, but not break the bank with expensive cases?

Two worlds - soap box.

So we started by putting a band-aid on the outside of the box and writing our names on it.  

Then we filled it together, talking about each and every thing that we added.

So here's the list of things in our first-aid kit for those who would like to try their own hand(s) at these -

-travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer
-two cotton balls
-small candy
-one 2" square of gauze
-two four inch lengths of first aid tape wrapped around a straw
-three q-tips
-six band-aids (of varied sizes)
-two butterfly bandages, for larger wounds
-a small pot of ointment (polysporin)

That little paint pot was awesome.  I bought from the dollar store these six little paint pots that were all stuck together on the same long stick of plastic, then I cut them apart from each other and added a small bit of polysporin to each one.  It's great because it's small enough to fit in the first aid kit, and seals easily, even with a five year old trying it herself!

The most expensive two items in the kit were the 2" gauze squares and the polysporin.  Between our eleven Sparks, we used a whole small tube of polysporin.

Then we practised cleaning small cuts on some small dollies that I brought with me.

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