Monday, April 20, 2015

Preparing for Advancement 2015

Every year we spend a meeting preparing for Advancement.  This is also a chance for the girls to help put their own touches on it.

Every year I set up one section of the rainbow we use for enrollment in the fall, boarderd by the white clouds.  I also have the girls decorate their own cloud in rainbowland.  So that's the first thing we did this week - painting our own clouds.  I cut white posterboard in half, and draw a cloud shape in sharpie on each half.

While half are busy painting away, the other half practice either coming up, getting their certificate and goody bag and going back, or crossing the stepping stones into Brownieland across the river (more on that next week).

Goodybags this year are themed around the Brownie badge "All about art".  We try to theme it every year, and give the girls the requirements for the badge so that the advancing girls can complete the badge over the summer, and bring it in in the fall and get a badge right away!

This year they have a small amount of playdough, a window suncatcher to paint and a magnet to paint.  Girls who are going up to Brownies also get the Brownie Promise on a business card sized piece of cardstock (so they can get started memorizing early).

After practice and painting, we had the girls complete the "what I want out of Sparks/Brownies next year".  Two Stars and a Wish.  (Again with two large pieces of cardstock - pink for Sparks and orange for Brownies).

Then we played girls' choice games and went home.

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