Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hallowe'en Party!

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Last night the Guides came to the Brownie meeting.  Guides have program areas where they have to create and run events for younger girls - and the Guides had decided to run a Hallowe'en party for the Brownies.  They charged each of the Brownies $4 for coming - they're trying to earn the money they'll give to the CWFF.  (We decided as Brownie leaders to top it up a bit and give the Guides unit money to cover their costs of throwing the bash.)

The Guides came up with 8 stations, each run by two Guides that the Brownies rotated through.

1) Face Painting
2) Colour/Decorate a paper bag for all their stuff.
3) Touch station (where they got to touch things like cold cooked spaghetti or peeled grapes)
4) Fishing for prizes
5) Cupcake decorating
6) Make a Hallowe'en themed suncatcher
7) Build a spider in a web
8) Hallowe'en game/song

The Brownies had an absolute blast!  At the end the leaders gave a small treat of candy/chips for each girl along with some juice, and all the Brownies and Guides went home with the Day of the Dead crest from e-patches (click just under the crest to go to their website).

The Guides came in a little early to get everything all set up.  Everyone was in costume.  It was awesome.

Feel free to comment with what your unit did for Hallowe'en!

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