Saturday, November 28, 2015

Woodworking Party!

DThis week the girls all earned their Wood Works Badge.  One of the dads made the outside holders, but the girls put the rest together themselves for a gift for their families.  They got a how-to on how not to hurt themselves with the tools they were using, and then got to decorate the memo pad holder.

They also made a fun ornament for a Christmas tree.  For this craft you need to weave the ribbon into the lace, then pull it tight around the top of the bulb.

We had a bit of a party for the girls since we have a field trip next week and service in December.  The above are Santa Hat snacks - 1/3 of a banana, 1/3 of a large marshmallow, a strawberry and a mini marshmallow on top.  I added the Skittles early, but they bleed into the banana.  I suggest adding them just before serving. Also, one of the girls completed their Family Heritage badge, and used the occasion to bring in Mincemeat Tarts.

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