Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Alberta Arts Challenge 2016

It's that time of the year again - the Alberta Arts Challenge!  Every year they come out with a new theme, which makes this a great challenge crest for every year.  This year's challenge is centred around Canada, which makes this a great time for us, as we've just completed the All About Canada badge.

We had the girls decorate some cookies for Valentine's day.  We had them draw Canadian symbols on at least one.

Songs - we had Nana Owl come in tonight - she's a retired Guider, but she's also a wonderful songsmith, and does a lot of music education, and graciously came in to sing with the girls.  

She sang the Our Cabana song, the Our Chalet song, along with a song in Spanish and another in German.

She also had the girls make a few musical instruments.  They made a clacker with a long stick, electrical tape, and tin with holes in them, as well as a wooden spoon rattle, with two bells to make noise.

Then we did some dancing.  The girls were taught a polka, the Mexican hat dance, and a gigue.

Finally we passed out Valentines between the girls, and gave Nana Owl a great howl sendoff.

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