Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cookies Rising 2016

One of the awesome things about Canadian Guiding is the Cookies Rising badges.  They're for the girls to learn about marketing, money management, and customer service!  

My daughter has a Money in the Bank kit - it has all the different Canadian coins, as well as 5 and 10 dollar bills.  I printed out even smaller twenties for them to use.

We split the girls into four groups.

At my table, the girls practiced making change for cookie orders.  One girl would pretend to buy the number of boxes I told her to, a second would make the change and say thank you and a third would observe.

Next to me, Sparkle Owl helped the girls make advertising posters for our cookie booth.

Then Brown Owl talked to the girls about safe cookie selling and how to keep themselves safe.

Finally, Snowy Owl and Baby Owl taught the girls some cookie songs.

We had enough time at the end for Baby and Snowy Owls to teach them how to tie a bedroll up, and for us to talk to the Brownie Parents about our camp next month.

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