Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Africa Region WAGGGS Challenge

This week we decided to complete the Africa Region section of Alberta's 5 Region Challenge.  We've already completed Asia, Europe and Western Hemisphere at a camp last October.

We started off by looking at a map.  We identified for the girls where we were in Canada, then where Africa is, then I traced the outside of Africa Region.

Then we sang a song from Africa Region.  We sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".  The girls really liked it.  They remember the song from The Lion King, which is kind of interesting.  To complete the challenge we also had to play a game from Africa Region.  We originally wanted to play the snake game, which we'd played already on another day and the girls enjoyed.  However, there was no outdoor recess today and the girls were... a little bit wild.  So we played a skit game and had them run around pretending to be different types of African animals.  Giraffe, elephant, lion, antelope, hyena, meercat, wild boar, hippopotamus and crocodile.

My coleader found a colouring page with a South African Teddy on it (their level of guiding in South Africa) which also has their motto and promise on it.

Then we completed a craft.  I cut the centres out of paper plates, and we showed then a few pictures of Maori warriors with their beautiful necklaces.  They then got to colour in their necklace.  I think they had a little bit of trouble really understanding what the necklaces represent, since my daughter decided to cover hers with heart stickers, but I think they had fun!

We capped off our evening by eating some snacks from Africa.  I made a chickpea rattle in the oven.  Chickpeas tossed with curry powder and baked for an hour.  Then I also cut up some fruit that is originally from Africa - one of the girls' favourites - watermelon!

My coleader gave out the badges.  The Going Camping Keeper (they finished water safety last week) and the WAGGGS Africa Region badge.

At the end of next month we're doing the Arab region.  Should be awesome!

Here's my daughter's attempt at the necklace -

Here are the badges they've been earning - all together they make a flower if you put them together in a circle.  Arab region is in purple!

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