Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This week we wanted to finish up our Camping Keeper with style.

Instead of a boring old "water safety" lecture to the girls, we decided to go to the pool!

We're very lucky in our town, that there is a pool to begin with!  Along with the larger pool, there is also a hot tub and a training pool.  The training pool goes from .6 meters to .9 meters, so it's great for all those non-swimmers in your unit.  We spent about 20 minutes getting some brief pool and lake safety from a lifeguard.  Then we got the pool's small training canoe out and the girls paddled that around the pool in pairs.  Then we just let them go a little nuts and pay around for a half hour.

We stopped them twice from free playing to break up the time a bit with some actual games.  We tossed a ball around a circle, as well as playing "what time is it Ms. Shark?"

The girls had a great time!  Next week we're working on our WAGGGS 5 regions Challenge - Africa Region.  Should be a blast!  We're studying Kenya!

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