Sunday, December 7, 2014

Flashback - Enrollment night

So we did enrollment at the end of October again.

We had the ceremony about the same way we went last year.

But, since we also had a new Guider, we thought we'd enroll her as well!

Before we started, I passed my small point-and-shoot camera to one of the parents we had from last year, and asked her to take a few pictures of me enrolling our new Guider.  She said yes!  Thanks!

So then we proceed with our ceremony.  One by one the new Sparks walked over the rainbow, gave the Spark sign while shaking my hand and reciting their promise, turned for a picture for mom and dad and sat on their designated cloud.  Then we called up our returning Sparks to renew their promise and get their badges from our first few meetings (their cookie badge, mostly), and they returned to their clouds.

When we were done, I called Emerald up.  She looked a bit shocked, but crossed the rainbow anyways!

I gave her a vintage leader's scarf I found on etsy, then we shook hands with the Guide sign and she recited the Girl Guide promise (after me - I hadn't given her the heads-up to memorize it).  I then pinned her with her Spark Guider appointment pin and got her to give a smile for our parent photographer.

I think sometimes we remember the girls far before our leaders.  It's so important to recognize the contribution of our parent volunteers in Girl Guides.  Without them, we'd have no program!

Thank you Emerald!  And here's to many Guiding years ahead of you!

Spark Guider Appointment Pin

Vintage scarf

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