Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ice Lanterns

Happy Holidays!

My coleader and I have a sleepover planned for New Year's Eve (and I'll post about that in the new year - should be cool though!) but I thought I'd share with you the ice lantern I made as an example for my Pathfinders.  We are doing the Winter Wonderland badge first thing in January, and they chose lanterns. 

So I have been saving my cans for them for a while now.  I recently filled one with water and set it outside to freeze solid.  Personally, I think that with a little coaching a Spark could do this craft as well!

So here's what you need - frozen ice in a can, a hammer (I chose a rubber mallet - less chance of crushed fingers) and some nails (I have 2" ones).

I then held the nail over the outside edge, hit it carefully with the hammer (I used a towel underneath to prevent rolling).  The trick is to make a hit nail pattern.  The second photo is of my daughter (brownie age) having a turn.

Then you run the can under hot water until it releases the ice, and put a lit tea candle in.

I'm going to bring enough cans for each girl to try their hand at three.  I think they look awesome!

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