Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Planning Meeting

We don't have another Sparks meeting planned until April 13th.  This week is March break, next week is an Easter holiday.  So instead of moping about, my fellow leaders and I got together around a kitchen table and started planning next year!

Part of Guides is about being girl-lead, which we're building into the program.  For example, we'll have a week where we have most of it planned, but we've asked the kids to plan how they'd like to complete X activity, and we'll do that.

Next year I will not be leading Sparks.  Sparks is actually moving nights to Wednesday, to coordinate with the Brownie meetings then.  I'll still be continuing this blog, but it'll become Sparkling Sparks and Bouncing Brownies - or something along those lines.  I will be moving up to Brownies.

We spent tonight as Sparks and Brownie leaders together.

We planned so that Enrollment, Advancement, the start and end of the year matched.  We planned several nature and town walks.  We planned a few ideas for community service to do together.  We planned to celebrate International Day of the Girl,  We planned when the Sparks would visit the Brownies, and a great end-of-year trip.

When we started the meeting, I thought I'd be home within the hour - but we spent three hours talking, laughing, and planning together.  Which was really nice.  It was great having the focus being the girls - but not having to corral them at the same time.

If you can, try to have time with your fellow leaders - even if you spend a half hour after a meeting to plan together, or to do things as leaders together.  It makes you remember that you're not in this alone.  That other people care as deeply about Guiding as you do.  It strengthens not only the bonds between leaders, but the bonds between the women who Guide.

As always - remember that wonderful LBP quote - "If it's not fun, it's not Guiding."

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