Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fort Edmonton Park Sleepover

We had the wonderful fortune to be invited along with another Spark unit to a Fort Edmonton Park sleepover this weekend.  WHICH WAS AWESOME!

I've always loved pioneer villages.  Fort Edmonton takes it one step further in that you can also learn about the First Nations Peoples of the Edmonton area!  Here is their website.

On the left is our morning facilitator showing the girls an old fashioned telephone.  On the right - one of the Sparks trying her hand at chopping wood!  (With a wooden axe and a log held together with magnets.)

We got to spend some time learning parlour games, playing dressup and carding wool, making cinnamon buns from scratch, taking a walking tour of the "town" at night, then again in the morning with a quick stop at the hardware store, made a historical toy and some great stories around a campfire made of tea lights on a buffalo blanket.

The girls had a fabulous time, both of our facilitators were wonderful to work with, and firmly held to their 1900s personna in their dealings with the kids.  The facilities were clean, in good condition and, as many other who know about Northern Alberta can appreciate - WARM.

I had a great time, and from the chatter from the girls on the way home they did too.

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