Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Key to the Arts

Last week we did the key to the arts.

We first got all the girls together and talked about WAGGGS and what kinds of crafts other kids around the world did.

Then we split the girls up into their circles, and had them rotate through four stations.  The leader whose station didn't have anyone during that time floated as a helper to any other leader who needed it.

My station was the weaving.  I printed out a bunch of circles on card stock (bright pink of course), and had the girls cut out the circles, cut around the outside edges and then weave on an entire bolt of embroidery floss.  They can use them as decoration or as a coaster.

The other three stations were -

1)  Make a mask out of a half plate held up by a stick (in this case a straw).  The leader who did this also printed out and photocopied a bunch of ears, teeth and tongues so that the kids could colour them and add them onto their mask.

2) Charades and play the Brownie story.  

3) Make a small memory book about your time in Brownies.

At the very end of our meeting we gave out invitations for Bring a Friend night (found in the iMIS site for any leaders reading).  We had the girls think of people they'd like to invite next week and told them to bring them to school/activity/down the street to deliver them.

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