Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Outside Badge

This week all the girls completed the Winter Outside badge.

We started around a table, where I showed the girls a variety of fabrics - tshirts, sports fabrics, jeans, long underwear, wool socks and cotton socks - and I poured water over them.  They had a chance to feel the fabrics, and saw how the water on the wool basically beaded up and ran off.  I told them we'd have a look at the end of the night as well.

Then we had a relay race.  We put all the girls' snowpants, boots and coats in the middle pile, then had the girls race to dress themselves.  The prize for the winners was going outside first.

Outside the girls pulled each other around on sleds and had races with different types of pull sleds and tobogganing.  

Inside we did first aid for frostbite, hypothermia and what to do if you see someone (or are on the ice yourself) and it starts to crack under your feet.  We also talked about what to do if you get stuck to metal in the winter.

I couldn't find a huge number of resources that worked with teaching the Brownies about cold-weather hypothermia, but I did find some -

Pages 16 - 20 in this website.

Paper dolls, learning how to dress in layers.  This resource is from the NWTs - and I love that it includes traditional clothing choices of the Inuit.

Page five at this website.

Staying Safe in the Cold Checklist - for taking home.  If they forget everything, at least they'd have this resource, right?

Finally at the end of the night the girls made hot apple cider, and a cup full of trail mix.  There were a bunch of different choices for them - pretzels, dried fruits, nuts & bolts etc.

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