Saturday, April 9, 2016

Random End of Year Musings....

Last week the Sparks visited the Brownies and the Brownies visited the Guides.  Since my daughter is a second year Brownie, I went with the Brownies to Guides to keep ratio.  

At Guides, the girls did half of the Guide science badge.  They made a polymer, a lava lamp, and started a seed gestating.

I got home after the Guide meeting, and a long week, to find a present in my mailbox from Girl Guides Alberta - a key ring with two removable coins for shopping carts.  It brightened my whole day and I decided to pay that forward.

Our unit's Brown Owl has a hard time finding a tuque that fits - so using the pattern from the Fall 2015 Canadian Guider - I made her a hat!  I made it quite a bit bigger than the original pattern - and I also added the words Brown Owl after the trefoil design.

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