Thursday, September 29, 2016


Our first week started with learning the Brownie song, as well as the songs for all of our sixes.  Our numbers doubled this year!  Wow! We must be doing something right!  As leaders we want the sixers and seconds to do a little bit more of the leading this year, so wanted to give them each their own space.

Each board was made out of one of the three-fold boards that you can use for science fair projects, I found pictures of each of the creatures, and we put the promise, motto, law, sign, how to tie your tie, along with the Brownie song and the circle song for that circle.  This year we have Elves, Fairies, Gnomes and Kelpies.  (Which reminds me, why are kepies in red hats when they're horse mermaids?)

Brown Owl took them when I was done to mac-tac the pictures down.  

Then we had the girls make themselves Promise cards out of this owl pattern.  We had all the hearts precut for them, and the center of the belly had the promise printed on them.  We used leftover foam sheets and construction paper - trying to use our resources wisely!

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