Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Night at the Observatory

So what do you do on a Friday night with a whole bunch of Girl Guides?

If you're me, you organize a night at your local university, so that you can look through the telescope.

We went to the university, and took a walk out to their telescope right after school, where we were even allowed to climb inside of it.  There was a small hatch on the side, about two feet by one, and the girls climbed in to take a look at the telescope and the camera mounting behind it.

Then we went back to the university and took over one of their rooms for a little while - we looked up Roberta Bondar, learned about the Canadarm, read a story about constellations, did a craft about constellations, ate our dinner, and then it was finally dark enough to look through the telescope.

We saw a couple of videos about the Aurora Borealis, about the ISS, and then spent some time moving the telescope around to look at some of the stars that would be quite bright.

It was pretty awesome.  What was even more awesome was that all the Sparks, Brownies and Guides were there - it was a fabulous unit visit as well!

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