Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Saying Thank You

We started a new small segment in our Sparks group tonight - sharing time.  Since when the girls go up to Brownies they'll be asked to share the badges and other projects they'll be working on with the other girls.  We brought in a talking stick and had the girls tell us stories of their winter vacations.  We'll be asking them more questions over the next few weeks and then start having them do a kind of show and tell.

Then we did another of the Being Healthy Keeper activities and moved to the beat.  I had about twenty different things that they could do around the room and they got to choose then switch about every twenty seconds or so.  We had hula hoops, bean bags, jump ropes, exercise balls, tons of different balls to play with etc.  We went for about ten minutes.  That got the girls all nice and tired out.

Then we made thank you cards.  We broke out the bin of stamps, ink, stickers, crayons and markers.  This was for their Mouse Around the House challenge.  We asked that they make one thank you card for sparks, then one for whomever they wished.

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