Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year - New Sleepover!

So my coleader and I decided to host a sleepover at our meeting place.  I've found it so much easier to plan around a challenge crest - so we decided to do the habitat for humanity challenge crest!

We started off the evening by playing with cloud sand.  Our recipe calls for 9 cups of flour and a cup and a quarter of baby oil.  The kids built the foundation for a house in the cloud sand.  We had them think about how big the digging machine had to be.  Then we had fun pretending to be the massive digger.  Beeping all the way!

We then talked about the steps of building a house, and put the different steps in order.  The steps come with the challenge crest on the National website!

Then we played a game where I played music, and when the music stopped I'd yell a profession (electrician, plumber, roofer, plasterer, landscaper etc). Then they had to perform the action we'd made for that job.  

We then set up our bedrolls user tables (like a fort!) and changed into our pyjamas.  While one of us supervised, the other of us made a few cans of tomato soup.  After they were done we ladled out the soup and had a small campfire.  We sang songs while we drank our soup.  

Then we sent the girls to brush their teeth while we did the dishes.  Then I read a couple of stories.  I brought "we'll all go exploring" and "not all princesses dress in pink".  We sent the kids to bed and let them whisper for about a half hour before we started to shush them.

For breakfast the next morning we made yogurt and berry parfaits, and fry jacks.  (From Central America - great recipes by googling!). 

We then combed hair, brushed teeth, did camp chores and packed up.

After packing up we made a welcome home banner that I'll drop off at habitat for humanity on my next trip into the city.

Hope that helps others looking for a fun sleepover!

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