Sunday, January 4, 2015

Exploring and Experimenting

One of the badges that we are going to be completing this year is the Exploring and Experimenting Keeper.

So we started by singing we run into a circle, and then sang the dues song.  After that we had our circle time conversation.  We asked them how they like to keep in touch with their family or friends who don't live nearby.  (During circle time we go around the circle, and every girl gets a chance to add, then after everyone has a turn, they can add one more thing before we move on.)

The responses were really interesting.

Then we had the girls make themselves some paper planes.  We made them as a group, folding together.  Some of the girls had a harder time than others.  Then we had a competition of throwing them.  I brought a straw plane so the girls could make hypotheses (will it go further/not as far as the others?  Why/why 

Then we had the girls try out different ways of cleaning things.  We set up four stations around the basement.  Dusting (with a dustcloth), vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing.  We divided them up into groups of two or three, and let them loose for about three minutes a station.  Then we got back together.  What was their favourite/least favourite?

We finished up by letting them colour some paper plates, and stapled them together with beads inside.  They got to choose the number of beads.

Here's what they looked like -

Finally we sang Sparks Jump Up!  With our maraca-style drums/tabourine?  It was VERY VERY loud, and I was thankful I'd put that at the end of the night!

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