Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Which Way Badge

A few weeks ago we went to a local corn maze.

A wonderful thing about the world of Guiding is finding a sister Scout who has a great idea for your Brownies at a corn maze.

Before we got there, she sent her Eagle Scout into the corn maze and had him create a compass map for the girls to use.

The girls were divided into groups, and went into the corn maze with a leader, two compasses and a compass map.  The map basically read "go to the first fork and then go" insert compass point directions.  Halfway through the maze they ran across Brown Owl, who took back the compass map and gave them an overhead view of the maze, with a North pointing arrow and a "you are here" dot.

Once they got out of the maze we showed them how to find south using moss on trees, and how to tell time using the sun.

Then they got to run off to the jungle gym that bordered the maze and play.

On the way back the bus ride was full of laughing, chattering, singing Brownies.

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