Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Traditional Enrollment

Twist me and turn me - those are some powerful words to me, and I have to admit that I tear up every year during enrollment.

This year with the girls we chose a traditional enrollment.  The toadstool sitting on a carpet of grass, surrounding a small pool of water with a mirror inside it.  We doubled our brownies from last year to this year (proof we are doing something right, right?) so all the new girls came up with their sixers and seconds, and were enrolled by them one at a time.

After twisting and turning they got to shake hands with the District Commissioner, then our Area Commissioner, then Brown Owl.

They got certificates, their title tape, enrollment pin, year pin and circle patch.

Around the toadstool we put two of the crafts they've done with their key to Brownies (and then they got to take them home).

The first was a toadstool made from recycled egg cartons.

The second were pinecones stuffed with cotton balls and two googly eyes.

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