Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SSSS Badge

We had a special guest tonight at Brownies - Nana Owl.  Nana Owl is a retired teacher (and trefoil guild member) that comes into Brownies about once a year when we do something music-related.  The SSSS badge worked well for her.  We asked her what she'd like to do this year, and she mentioned that she'd love to bring in her West African Drums and drum with the girls.  That reminded me of a craft that I did with my Sparks a few years ago, and after a few tweaks we decided to run with it!

When we originally did this craft we used shot-sized red solo cups.  The Dollarama sells their own brand of wine-sized cups that are slightly bigger, though not as big as solo cups, and are a perfect size!  Secondly, instead of masking tape, we used duct tape (and I found sparkly tape at Dollarama as well and the girls had a field day with it) - three pieces of duct tape about two inches longer than the opening works best.  I pre-hot glued them together before Brownies.  Gives the glue enough time to dry.

Then we made Brownie Phones.  We used cotton wool from Wal-Mart.  A small ball was enough for 21 Brownies. And we used about two yards for each phone.

Then Nana Owl arrived for the last half hour.  She went through drumming with the girls, answered their questions about her time in West Africa, and talked about what we can hear anywhere.

Finally - we've been working with our Brownies on their knots.  They've all mastered their Reef Knots, so we decided that the next knots should be a stopper knot (chose the double stopper) and the two knots for flags, Sheet Bent and Clove Hitch.  I made up three sets of these, one for each sixes' box.

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