Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Showshoeing with Brownies

The joy of snowshoeing across a frozen landscape was ours this week.  That being said, did you know that you can practice snowshoeing on grass?  You have to be careful to make sure that they don't start running over gravel, but if you have a meadow at your Guide camp like we do, a little no-snow snowshoeing can be had!

First we talked a little bit about the history of snowshoeing, how to take care of your snowshoes and a quick tutorial in how to walk in snowshoes.  Then two of our three circles went off with Brown Owl to one side of the meadow to build snowmen and have hot chocolate and the other pone came to the other three leaders, who started putting on snowshoes and getting them to play follow the leader with a Guide that came along to help out.

After follow the leader there was a little time for snowshoe ball.  You take a small ball and they try to put it on their snowshoe to move it about and get it through the other team's net.

The girls earned their Active Living Special Interest Badge for this.  You could also do the Winter Is Fun badge - we gave those girls who hadn't earned it Winter is Fun and the others the Special Interest Badge.

If you have a Guide camp near your meeting place, do check out and see if they have snowshoes.  Ours has the old style ones, but the girls still had a blast and it's something that many don't get a chance to do with their families or on their own!

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