Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Tonight we did the Super Crafts badge.  We originally thought about doing the Famous Five Challenge - but we want to do that in the spring as a tea party outside, so we did Super Crafts.  This is a badge that we try to do every year, because it's always a big crowd pleaser!

So for a woven craft, the girls created this heart.  I chopped construction paper in half, and then made the upward cuts for the girls.  They got to choose two contrasting colours and weave them together,

Brown Owl's group used playdoh to create an animal.

Sunshine Owl's group wrapped themselves in toilet paper as quickly as they could.

Finally we had the girls practice some songs that we are going to perform next week.  We are heading into our local senior's lodge to make crafts with the residents and sing to them.  

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